02 October 2013

Women of Value: B is for Believe!


B is for BELIEVE: Women of Value are Believers!

This week I spent a couple of days in Canberra at a conference.  This required flying, albeit only a hour and a bit each way.  I am not the best flyer – my stomach starts churning, I feel my palms getting sweaty and I start doing some breathing techniques to calm myself.  Reading an engaging magazine and sucking on some mints can also help! Can anyone else relate?
But the biggest battle is in my mind – I need to believe that the plane and the pilot will do their thing – that is, get the plane from A to B; yes some turbulence on the way, a few wobbles here and there but I imagine in my mind the plane flying smoothly through the clouds and coming in for a landing.  I can’t say I have perfected this art of believing as the plane goes up, so it will come down and I will be fine – but I work on it, because I don’t want that fear to stop me from travelling to new places!

My experience in my work with clients and my own life experience is that as women we struggle to believe in our value, to believe that what we do, who we are and the impact we make on our family, workplaces, businesses and communities does make a difference. 
We struggle to believe that although life can throw at us some hard and difficult times that we can’t pull ourselves out of the grief and circumstances in which we find ourselves. 

We struggle to believe that the ideas and dreams deep within our soul need to be awakened and we need to paint our world with them.  We struggle to believe that we are a great and amazing partner/wife, daughter, mum, community member, business owner etc. 
Because we struggle to believe in our value we do not fully develop and use our gifts, talents, skills and experiences.  Women of Value – that is us, and it is time we BELIEVE in who we are and the impact we do have and can have.  If you want to be inspired then consider getting involved in the upcoming WIN-Inspire Business Women’s Expo! www.win-inspire.com.au,

If you are struggling to believe in your value as a business woman read, listen to and get involved with inspirational business women; that can be a powerful first step.  But in order to get on with your business ideas and to get yourself from a place of feeling of no value to value you have to BELIEVE in you as a business owner. Who or what is currently filling up the seats in your plane - business, who or what should be part of your business; who or what is causing turbulence – what can you do about that; what is your business plan – your business goals, what you would like to do, what do you want to achieve?

Learning to believe in who you are and what you can achieve as a business owner is not some overnight transformation; it takes time, it takes points of reflection, of change, of transition, of churning in the stomach, of breathing slowly as you get rid the turbulence in your life. 

A great way to capture these times of reflection and transition is using a journal/notebook – this helps you to see your personal and business progress and the challenges ahead.  I suggest you use the app Evernote (which you can have as an app on your mobile phone, tablet and desktop) as a collection point for all your business ideas, reflections and musings, www.evernote.com

Now go Believe!

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Love Maree

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  1. I love this post, it is so important for us women to appreciate who we are and believe in ourselves!