02 October 2013

Wome of Value: A is for Adventure


A is for ADVENTURE: Women of Value are Adventurous!

I went on a driving adventure on the weekend - heading from the urban heights of Adelaide City to find a township called One Tree Hill.  Hubby had given me straight forward instructions, plus the GPS on the mobile was on standby.  I always get myself somewhat stressed finding new places, somehow I think I am going to get horribly lost and end up on the other side of the world! 

I got myself to the One Tree Hill township with a sigh of relief, but not quite at the venue. I gave the venue - Art Through Da Vincie's Eyes Cafe  - a phone call and was told I was only minutes away; I just needed to make a right turn, then look for a fork in the road where there was a driveway. Yes I made it and arrived at a beautiful Roman Art Deco cafe and wedding/special occasions venue, it was definitely worth the drive! Check out http://www.davince.com.au/

How often do we not get out of our comfort zone because we fear that we will end up on some other road as it were, or it is too exhausting to even try because the stress and anxiety levels go up?  However, if we never allow ourselves permission to get out of comfort zone, or our usual routes of doing life we will never get to discover new things, meet new people and simply breathe in the fresh air of new experiences.  

What I put in place before I left on this new route was gaining some advice (from hubby in this instance since he seems to have that skill of map reading! - and knowing he must give his wife very straightforward instructions) and using technological resources (that is, the mobile phone) as an additional resource.  Both of these things helped me get to the township and then to the beautiful cafĂ©/venue (make sure you check out the toilet, it is amazing!!!!).  

What new adventure do you want to do?  Will this adventure get you out of your comfort zone and thus give you some new experiences? When you start on something new what gets your stress and anxiety levels up? What can you put in place or who could you speak to or what resources could you read or listen to that will help reduce your stress and anxiety levels?  We cannot let fear and doubt stop us from being Women Of Value!  Growing my business is an adventure I am on and in particular one of my focus points is on women who are considering starting up (or have recently started up) their own small business. 

Have you thought about starting a business - but at the moment that business idea is either just in your head or a few scribbles in a notebook?  Get a large piece of paper and some texters.  Write on the piece of paper all the ideas of the products and/or services that you see that your business will offer, maybe not all of them initially but over a timeframe of 2 to 5 years.  Once you have done your first layer of 6 to 10 ideas, then use a different coloured texter and go back to each idea and create two to three ideas off that one idea; do this for 3 to 4 layers.

Now look over all the ideas you have written down – is there a THREAD, A THEME, A PATTERN that stands out from the types of product/s, service/s you want to offer?  It is that thread, theme, pattern that will help you in brainstorming a business name – put this mind-map with free business name generator tools, check out this article which gives you 7 free tools http://sbinformation.about.com/od/startingabusiness/tp/Free-Business-Name-Generators.htm

Now go be Adventurous!

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Love Maree

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