06 October 2013

Women of Value: D is for Dream


D is for DREAM: Women of Value are Dreamers!

Gorgeous gals well I could hardly wait to get to the letter D in the alphabet so that I could write about one of my favourite words DREAM.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to 'I have a DREAM' http://www.pinterest.com/ideas2propelu/i-have-a-dream/.  This is one of the pins that I really love; the delight in the child's face says it all!

We Are All Born Dreamers And With A Little Help We Can Be Anything We Dream

We Are All Born Dreamers And With A Little Help We Can Be Anything We Dream. #Love #Family #Support #Charity

What is your dream?  What is it that makes you passionate?  What is it that gets you fired up and you think to yourself now if I had something to write or say on this, this is what I would do? What books do you read, what advice do your friends come to you for, what is in your community that you would like to see changed? Where do you see yourself in 2, or 5 or 10 years time - doing what, going where, associating with who?  

Dreams have steps and it is about taking a footstep each day - what you read, who you talk to, what work you do, how you love on your kids, what catches your eye as you go about your day?  All these are the types of questions that you can reflect on to help begin to IGNITE the DREAMS deep within your heart and mind.

Time to believe
One of the biggest killers of dreams is DOUBT - we doubt ourselves, we doubt our abilities, we doubt that we ever really have a dream, we doubt that we can make a difference, we doubt that we don't have the time, the money, the resources, women of value get rid of doubt in your life right now.  

Action will overcome doubt - a footstep today will get you closer to your dreams, than a footstep that you wait until tomorrow to take. Doubt breeds negativity and shuts off creativity.  Don't let your dreams be submerged in doubt but let them be submerged in DARING to believe you can see your dreams come alive.  

I soooooooooo love this photo below - because SHE DARED.  I want to be like this woman, that in a world of black as it were, I choose to wear red; not because I want to show off or stand out from the crowd but because I want to DARE to take hold of my DREAMS, and be evoked to action that brings change to my family, my business, my community and my nation.

Because she dared.
As you can see I get fired up when it comes to encouraging people to take hold of their dreams. I have met some amazing women over the last couple of months who are taking their business dream and turning it into reality.  

To Mia Ringsparr, Diet and Wellness Coach and about to audition on Masterchef,  you DARED and now you are seeing your DREAM come alive.  http://miaringsparr.com/   

To Sue McBurgh, African Design, you DARED to bring the beautiful gift and homewares of the African people to Australia www.facebook.com/contemporaryAfricanDesign?fref=ts

I salute you both - I want to keep walking with you!

Now go Dream and Walk with the Dreamers!

Igniting Dreams | Evoking Action

Love Maree

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