07 October 2013

Women of Value: E is for Educate


E is for EDUCATE: Women of Value are Educated!

Education is one of my top passions.  As a secondary school teacher for 20 years and as an adult tutor/trainer of more than 10 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of having many groups of learners as part of classes, workshops and seminars.

People often look at my qualifications and think I must have been born on some other planet; like why would I want to learn that much stuff?  My reply is always: it is not about the bits of paper, or the number of books I have read, or how many assignments I have had to complete.  Instead, what it was and is about is the journey on the way: of the people I have met, of the opportunities that have opened to me, of the expansion and stretching of my own thinking, thoughts and ideas.

One of my favourite quotes is this "Life is an education in and of itself, and the world the classroom." (Mackie).Women of Value need to be educated; that does not necessarily mean the traditional view of education of certificates, diplomas and degrees but what it does mean is to have a burning desire, as well as the means, to make sure that learning never ends.  Education must be lifelong.   It is about growing your skills, your character, your knowledge just a little bit each and every day.

I read a great article in the Huffington Post recently which was titled What does it mean to be well educated by Sabrina Stephens-Shupe. Sabrina defines an educated person as someone who has the habits of mind, hand and heart to adapt to whatever life might throw at them. Wow I love that definition - life does have its curve balls; how do you handle them.  How are your flexibility skills? Can you bend and shape yourself for new circumstances and new surroundings?

The Huffington Post article goes on to explain that getting an education is not only about becoming a member of the workforce, but it is also about being prepared to be a citizen and being capable to take on the challenges that come with living life.  What are the lessons you have learnt in life?  How can you use those lessons to transition you from where you are now into the goals, ideas and dreams you have for your future?  

What are your skill sets right now?  What new skills do you need in the next 2 years? What are you doing to achieve those skills?  Business skills? Programming skills? Life skills? Below is the link to a fascinating slide-show on 20 jobs of the future. What jobs resonate with you? http://slidesha.re/1dUVnjc

[Just a little bit of education: if you have a long link that you want to insert into your blog, or on your facebook page etc, then use www.bitly.com.  Bitly will shorten the URL rather than it taking up 2 to 3 lines of your content].

What about the skill sets you need as a business owner? There is so much quality content available on the internet that can increase your expertise and knowledge as a business owner.  A great resource I am learning a lot from is an infographic on 
120 marketing tactics on how to promote a new blog

There are lots of online courses available; many of them free, or at least at reasonable prices. I love the website www.udemy.com which has an increbile array of courses to choose from in a number of areas.  Start with a course just to blow a few cobwebs out, if you haven't committed yourself to do much new learning lately.

Don't view education through the lens of your primary and secondary school days - for many unfortunately don't have great memories of those days [except of course if you happen to have been in my class!].Instead I want to encourage you to view education as a tool-box of learnings that you carry about with you and add to day by day - not only do you carry that tool-box about but you USE and APPLY the tools.
Now go learn something new today and comment below what you learnt!

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Love Maree


  1. Love that you draw out that education is not on paper: it's the result of proactive and intentional learning!

  2. I learnt a great new saying. That is phenomenal. I love that you are still learning and have continued to do so your whole life. It gives me hope, as I never want to stop learning, I believe it keeps our minds and souls young. Thank you