09 October 2013

Women of Value: H is for Health


H is for HEALTH: Women of Value are Healthy!
I really like the health manifesto you can see to the right. It's clear, realistic and totally doable.  I haven't succeeded as yet doing this 7 days a week, I am up to about 4 days! I am however an expert at the groaning and putting the cover back over my head!  

Health goals have always been the biggest challenge for me - I can set and achieve a lot of other types of goals in my life, but the health-focussed ones seem to elude me at the best of times. 

As a teenager I had anorexia, I was the best at hiding food, throwing up food and avoiding food altogether; it took me to my mid 20's to get myself into more balanced and healthy eating patterns.  In my 20's when the body was more flexible I managed to run, swim and bike quite regularly and also enjoyed some games of tennis.

As I got into my 30's and then 40's I let my health slide, too busy caring for others and their health and not being mindful of my own.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which really knocked me around pain-wise;  I certainly learnt to cope with new pain thresholds and some days just a walk to the letterbox is all I could muster.  

In my late 30's my body went through some more trauma as I had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy over a 2 year period - pain, chocolate, heartache, chocolate, grief and loss, chocolate, hormones and chocolate!  Oh and did I say chocolate.......  

Gals I know we all have our own stories to tell when it comes to our health and we deal with our aches and pains and hormones and emotions in a variety of ways.  In fact when I thought of H is for Women of Value are Healthy I said to myself I was not going to be exactly a picture perfect example that would inspire others; especially since I have already repeated the word chocolate far too many times ,  

So what I give to you in this post today is the reality of my health struggles, not because I want sympathy and choruses of oh poor you; but because I want to be real. I want to encourage you whether you are young or old to find what works for you and your health . ...............strolling in the countryside, working out at the gym, following a health program such as Weight Watchers, or keeping yourself flexible through yoga.........  

Do what it takes YOU, not someone else, but YOU to gain a level of wellness and health that will enable you to live a sustainable adventure-filled life loving, living and laughing with family, friends, clients, neighbours and so on.  

Do just that small step: make yourself avacado and eggs on toast for breakie tomorrow, the next day dip your toes in the ocean and walk along the beach edge for 30 minutes; the next day download a From the Coach to 5km mobile app on your phone and start with Day 1.

For those of you tracking well with your health, encourage others - walk, run, swim alongside them, make some yummy healthy meals that they can put in their freezer.  Women we are valuable and we need to be healthy to retain and enhance our value - inside and out.  

It is now 11pm and I have just set my alarm for 6am.  In the morning I will be off to give some gym equipment a workover; yes definitely way before my brain figures out what I am doing!

Now go be HEALTHY!

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Love Maree

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